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Workers' Compensation

When treating workers' compensation patients, the primary goal of Bay Area Hand Surgery Associates is to provide the highest quality patient care and return the injured workers to the their job duties, either modified or to full duty, in an expedient manner. Early diagnosis and treatment of musculoskeletal injuries is vital to returning an injured worker to the job as soon as possible. We utilize this approach to reduce both medical costs and time lost for work.

Bay Area Hand Surgery Associates understand the importance of keeping each workers' compensation representative up-to-date on the status of each patient. Our physicians and staff work closely with each patient and workers' compensation representative. We provide feedback following patient visits and adhere to our goal of returning each patient to the workforce in a timely manner.

At Bay Area Hand Surgery Associates, we offer the following Workers' Compensation Services:

  • Appointments scheduled on the same day or within 24 hours of the injury
  • Convenient location
  • All treatment plans, tests, injections, operative procedures pre-certified in advance
  • Same day status reports to patient and workers' compensation representative
  • Board Certified Surgeon
  • Medical reports available for faxing within 72 hours
  • Our doctors are trained in ACOEM and AMA guidelines.
  • We are available to educate employers and workers' compensation representatives about new advances in orthopedic surgery and management of patients with hand and upper extremity diagnoses.

Education Presentation Topics

Our physicians are available for educational presentations. Topics may include:

  • Common Industrial Injuries of the Hand and Upper Extremity
  • Surgical Intervention for Hand and Upper Extremity Injuries